STARCEM 2K (Cementitious Waterproofing)



It is a two-component cementitious & acrylic polymer-based flexible waterproofing & protective coating. It is made up of the best quality Portland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives & acrylic polymer as a binder. It is applied to waterproof and protects concrete and similar structures. Specially designed for swimming pools, submerged tunnels, sumps, bridge decks, marble and water tanks. because on curing it forms an excellent elastomeric, tough, waterproof & protective layer over the substrate.

• Flexibility – Provides a flexible & low permeable coating.
• Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to concrete, natural and artificial stone.
• Diffusion –Excellent resistance to ion diffusion and carbon dioxide.
• Low temperature resistant.
• Carbonation – Prevents carbonation of cement concrete.
• Water permeability – Excellent resistance to ingress of water.
• Slip resistant – Provides slip resistance coating.

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